Duty Range for Mountain Rescue

Versatile training manikins for all core capability training exercises for Mountain Rescue​


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The most versatile manikins for all rescue scenarios typically practiced by operational members, including: wide area search exercises, avalanche rescues, ropework for steep ground or crag situations. They are perfect for training with other teams or multi agency exercises involving RAF helicopters, ambulance and police services.
Now constructed in the waterproof Polyester: conforms to BS EN ISO 6330), OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and ISO 17050-1 - these manikins can safely be used in all weather conditions. The material typically has 4 times the strength and abrasion resistance and canvas or P.V.C – making the manikins even stronger than before

Features & benefits

  • Anatomically correct weight distribution gives the 'feel' of an unconscious person - perfect for casualty care and evacuation by stretcher.
  • Realistic sizes and weights - help in the training of rigging techniques.
  • Strong webbing loop to the back allows the manikin to be easily hoisted into position if required .
  • Strong enough to be buried under rockfalls with no damage - these manikins are tough!
  • The neck provides the ability to fit an immobilisation/extrication collar - to promote proper casualty care.
  • The Polyester is waterproof, making it suitable for team training in any conditions as it can be more easily cleaned and dried than canvas or leather models.
  • Soft body joints eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising, a common injury when using plastic bodied manikins.
  • Protective consumables including, coveralls and boots, greatly extended the life of the manikin and help save you costs.

How they are made

  • Click here to view how the Duty Manikins are made.

Who uses them?

  • Currently used by 100% of UK Fire & Rescue Services.
  • Regularly exported to rescue professionals in 26 countries worldwide, with the USA, Australia and Germany being our biggest markets.
  • The only manikins specified by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) - NATO stock numbers available.
  • Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team
  • Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team
  • Brecon Mountain Rescue Team
  • Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team
  • Glossop Mountain Rescue Team
  • Swaledale Mountain Rescue
  • Cairngorm Mountain Rescue
  • Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team
  • Edale Mountain Rescue
  • Mountain Rescue in North East Wales
  • Scottish Mountain Rescue
  • Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue

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Moving and handling heavy items carries certain risks. Please read and distribute these guides to all involved in using our training dummies

  1. Training Manikins Equipment Note
  2. Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  3. Data Sheet


Offered in the lighter weights as these manikins are extremely heavy as a 'dead weight' - the choice between 30 and 50Kg (which are the most popular weights in this sector ) is down to personal preference.

Available Sizes

Name Code Height (m) Weight (kg) NATO Stock No
Youth RLN20 1.5 20 4240-99-2130513
20Kg Adult RLN20A 1.8 20  
30Kg Adult RLN30 1.8 30 4240-99-8525913
50Kg Adult RLN50 1.8 50 4240-99-9771707